Microsoft AI Factory

Microsoft AI Factory fédère une communauté de startups leaders en intelligence artificielle dédiées au développment de solutions innovantes.
Les startups ainsi accompagnées bénéficient de l’approche unique de Microsoft reposant sur un véritable partenariat, à la fois technique, marketing et business. Elles profitent également des synergies entre les membres de la communauté, d’un écosystème startup riche, et sont pour certaines hébergées dans l’espace Microsoft à Station F.

Depuis 2019, l’AI Factory s’étend au marché européen et se structure autour de 5 grands enjeux économiques et sociétaux : la santé, l’environnement / l’énergie, les transports / la mobilité, les services financiers, l’agroalimentaire et plus encore.

Pour sélectionner et accompagner ces start‐ups sur une période d’accélération de 3 mois, Microsoft s’associe à des partenaires, grands acteurs de l’économie, qui apportent chacun leurs expérience et expertise dans leurs secteurs de prédilection.

AI Factory for Agrifood

It’s fun to have a space where the hackathon submissions of #AIFACTORY get to be exhibited✨

This is the plan:
•1 AI art hackathon x month, 8 times a year
•Curation + drop of submissions on @joynxyz
•Exhibition in @artmallmilano + publication on coeval mag

You like? 

Saturday we had our 2nd edition of #AIFACTORY with a beginner workshop on #midjourney5 and then an advanced hands on experience with diffusion models 

3rd edition coming this April 

Had an amazing time at #AIFactory

Got to hang out with awesome people, learn new things at the workshops, and my AI submissions even got exhibited at @artmallmilano🥺🙏🏻

Thank you @vandaloruins for the awesome surprise❤️


Thank you for coming at #AIFACTORY 2nd edition by @sewernationxyz in collab with @dverso_io !

It’s lovely to see how many new communities and independent talents we are meeting thanks to these montly events! 

See you in April for the 3rd edition, always improving 


2nd edition of #AIFACTORY 🔥

Powered by @sewernationxyz DAO; the collaborative work platform for startups, communities & independent talent🫂

See you in Milan March 11th 

#AIFACTORY 🏭 after movie 

200 AI fanatics met during this 1st event in Milan to participate to the Hackaton & Workshops🤍


We are coming back with new speakers & workshops this 11/03/23 ⬅️


Last week I did a couple of interviews during @GoogleDevEurope in Berlin and #AIFactory workshop in Milan.

This is an extract of the second interview talking about the changes that are coming due to AI in 2023

#ai #future #conversationalAI #AIassistants #developerjobs

Exciting news! At EmoCrypt AI Factory, we’re constantly exploring new ways to enhance the EmoCrypt bot. Each bot is unique, with its own personality that sets it apart from the rest. Say hello to your new little friend ❤️ #EmoCrypt #AIFactory #BotsWithPersonality

At this point we’re doing 3 events every month 

This was the 1st edition of #AIFACTORY a monthly format organized by us in collaboration with @dverso_io to have hands on experiences with AI & international speakers

It’s us @sewernationxyz in the gutter & happy to be there 🐀🤍 


Pepe Fidenza, created by @web3vin during #AIFACTORY art Hackaton 

Yesterday during #AIFactory I met with an interesting couple: a founder and a co-founder leading a blockchain DAO 💜🦄

The main highlight being that one of them was chatGPT identifying as Albert.

The next few years are going to be “different” ✨🚀


AI art is a tool for culture and community creation. 

#AIFACTORY was a statement to that 

Quite happy of my talk with #midjourney starting to get intereting result, thi are my selection for #AIFactory event, organized by @vandaloruins @sewernationxyz with the host and curator @ROBNESSOFFICIAL (so many activity around me while I was into this rabbit hole 😆) #CURATIO

‘One of you won’t say GM back’

Meme by @web3vin created during #AIFACTORY

Pics of today #AIFactory @sewernationxyz @vandaloruins
Intense, full of contents and experiences!! Complimenti!!! 


Some pictures from the workshop earlier today and #AIFactory event 


#aifactory is a monthly event entirely dedicated to artificial intelligence. 150 people will participate in the first edition of the event on 28 january 2023 in milan. Experts from the crypto, nft and ai world will participate remotely on t 

#AIFactory event has kicked off! 🧠🤖

AI in Fashion, Architecture and Software Development 

First collaboration between London and Milan @web3_london @sewernationxyz @vandaloruins ✨🚀


Learn how to build full apps with AI, not just basic code snippets 💜🦄

Join me at #AIFactory for a hands-on workshop on harnessing the power of chatGPT for Developers today in Milan

Get ahead of the curve and ride the wave of AGI with me! 🌊🏄‍♂️

GM today we launch the 1st edition of #AIFACTORY

A monthly event to give hands on experiences AI tool experiences to hungry and foolish youths. 

This month’s focus is AI image generation 💐 

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