Comment l’IA va aider inventivité et ingéniosité

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Annamaria Porzioli
Annamaria Porzioli

Senior digital and product marketing manager Office 365

But what is the basic mechanism behind Artificial Intelligence ? AI is based on three pillars :

1.    Reasoning : learning and form conclusions with imperfect data. This means that the algorithm will collect a certain quantity of data, it will analyze them and sort conclusions. E.g., with ten pictures of dogs and cats, it will define that there is always an animal in the pictures but it won’t be quite sure of which animal it is.

2.    Understanding : interpret meaning of data including text, voice, images. E.g., after collecting hundreds, thousands of images picturing a cat, it will interpret the images understanding that there is a common “cat” pattern : two ears, whiskers, a tail, fur, all presenting some common proportions in morphology.

3.    Interacting : interact with people in natural ways. In this case for example you would be able to ask to the algorithm in a natural language what the picture is about and the algorithm would describe in natural language what a cat is.

If you apply this basic learning framework to the great amount of data we dispose today (Big data), the power of computer calculations and the new possibilities offered by cloud services, you can imagine how revolutionary this can be for….everything. An everyday example : you do your Powerpoint presentation in one language and it will be automatically translated into another language. Or your mailbox becomes suddenly proactive in filtering your emails according to importance, suggesting you to shorten some unproductive meetings or contacting a business partner you didn’t receive news in a while.

L’intelligence artificielle dans l’entreprise : gagnez en efficacité !

Découvrez la vision de Microsoft sur des solutions globales d’IA et les domaines clés où nous croyons que l’IA peut avoir le plus d’impact.


All this is your familiar work tools and all this is AI. But AI can do even more for you as a citizen or an administrator.

As a citizen, you could interact with AI personal assistants to get a quick, personalized response to your service request. You could monitor the status of your request with automated tools.

As an administrator, you could leverage advanced analytics to empower your front-line administration with information on the next best action to perform on a specific request. You could know exactly when the lightbulbs in a street will fail and when they should be replaced to anticipate maintenance, prioritize it and improve response time. You could leverage internal and public data to track and augment the impact of your government actions.

For decades, e‑democracy has been slowed down by public administration because of budget constraints, worries on possible SLAs on response time, more transparent tracking and accountability of public actions. But isn’t Ai just an incredible opportunity to remove these barriers and be En Marche towards a better world ?

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