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18th June – Tech and jobs transformation 


Vincent Montet 

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Will the future of Education be #Hybrid?

With 300 students, 13 promotions in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Paris, Montpellier, Shanghai and Algiers, the Specialized MBA Digital Marketing & Business has delivered more than 5000 hours of distance courses over the last year!
How did the MBA DMB students experience this extraordinary period ? What are the lessons to be learned from the challenge we faced? Can we just go back to traditional education or must we rethink our learning paths? Surely there are new opportunities here for the rise of reverse pedagogy, new teaching facilitation tools, etc… that will redefine the meaning and the essential role of the human encounter. Welcome to the new world of education : #Hybrid education. 

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Thomas Rollin 

Head of innovation


Virginie Infanti

Directrice Business Applications Microsoft France

COLAS Digital Transformation acceleration with Power Platform 

Discover how COLAS Group boost their digital transformation’s journey! 
In 1 year, COLAS has built a global Low Code strategy supported by a Power Platform delivery factory and a global Center of Excellence to empower the Business Citizen Developers.

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Isabelle Bénart 

Chief Product Officer 


Thierry Picq 

Strategic Partnership Business Development Manager at Microsoft 

The transformation of business professions 

As Technology is taking a larger part in our daily life, it is also fundamentally reshapping the way we interact as business professional. Rather than only buying, making, hiring, storing, and shipping, businesses are adopting marketplaces to react more quickly to buyers’ needs.

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Virginie dominguez 



Xavier Perret

Directeur Azure Microsoft France

Are geeks & techies the new business leaders? 

Pitch: In an increasingly uncertain environment, tech adoption is a major driver to enterprise transformation. In that respect, techies are the change agents who contribute to the reinvention of enterprises. Now, what if they were the new business leaders who radically transform the enterprise sphere. Servier will share how techies’ practices, management system inspire them to unleash creativity and innovate

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Florie Vespier

Senior Product Marketing Manager | Surface Portfolio for Business and Education 

 Simplify hybrid meetings and boost multi-site brainstorming with Surface Hub 2S 

Discover how Microsoft’s all-in-one can transform any space into a meeting room. Hybrid meetings are easy to launch and manage, data is protected, users can make a presentation and brainstorm in a familiar environment with Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and third-party apps on a large touch screen.

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Othman Chiheb 

Product Marketing Lead | Mixed Reality – HoloLens 

 Microsoft Mesh: a new era for collaboration 

Microsoft Mesh is the industry’s first mixed reality platform that enables presence and shared experiences from anywhere – on any device – through mixed reality applications. It can help organizations to collaborate better virtually, design together or even get remote expertise

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Olivier Mertens 

Software Engineer & Community Leader


Charline Grenet 

Developer Relations chez Microsoft 

Build and nourish your tech community now : 5 steps to start ! 

In 5 small steps you’ll know how to kick start your autonomous tech community : why it matters for your company as a whole, what’s expected from you and what’s the win for everyone including yourself : product re-use, knowledge sharing, true sense of ownership. It’s a journey, so enjoy the ride and join us to make sure you’re heading the right way.

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Lucie Soulard 

Co-founder and COO 


How can technology help retailers to sustainably transform their business model 

Today Retailers are facing major sustainably issues. Thanks to its integrated circular economy platform, Place2Swap helps them to adress all the issues of end-of-life ( 2nd hand, returns ; sleeping inventory… ) by integrating them into their business model in a quick and profitable way.

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Franck Tricot 

Head of Strategic Partnerships


Developing COVID-19 initiatives while building our new coordinated care solution 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis, our teams have been hard at work developing technological solutions for both healthcare professionals and the general public. This session presented by Franck Tricot will explore how Synapse Medicine developed COVID-19 initiatives while building its new coordinated care technology.

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Dona Sarkar 

Leading Dev Advocacy at Microsoft


Low Code Is Your Secret Superpower to Employment 

The new secret superpower is Low-code development! In the next 4 years, there will be 500 MILLION enterprise apps that need to be written.
In this session, you’ll learn: what is low-code development, who’s doing it and succeeding and most importantly: how YOU can get involved today..

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Adrien Nussenbaum 



The platform economy model: a game changer for e‑commerce businesses 

e‑commerce businesses have been facing acceleration. Should they switch toward the platform economy model? The choice is simple: move now to adopt the enterprise marketplace model and gain a lasting advantage over the competition, or risk losing the opportunity with a “wait and see” approach. 

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Carlo Purassanta

Area Vice President of Microsoft 


Denis Lacroix 

SVP Digital Transformation & President Amadeus France


Amadeus & Microsoft: reimagining the travel industry with technology.. 

Amadeus & Microsoft harness cloud technology to innovate and explore new products and solutions and create smoother travel experiences in the future. The global partnership combines Microsoft secure cloud platforms and industry-leading collaboration with Amadeus’ proven expertise in travel technology.

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